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Our Story

The idea behind Live Infused came about as a result of my love for tea. Growing up, I loved drinking tea while visiting my grandmother and I started drinking tea regularly as an adult. I have a colorful medical history in my family and I found tea to be a great beverage choice that has numerous restorative properties.

After further research, I realized that loose leaf teas were the best type of tea; the quality of tea leaves was far superior and the tea was much fresher. I also enjoyed having the ability to experiment with hundreds of different tea variations and the ability to find the perfect teas that I enjoyed the most.

Drinking tea is a daily ritual for me. I came across different tea infuser types, from the boring steel mesh ball to the simple tea strainer. I wanted to elevate my tea drinking experience by designing creative tea infusers that can be shared and express more individuality.  I have to say, I’ve received hundreds of compliments from family, friends, and co-workers and that is what keeps me motivated to keep designing cute and functional infusers for tea enthusiasts to enjoy!

I hope you enjoy your tea experience as much as I do!