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Live Infused Tea

Loose Leaf Tea Infuser 4 Piece Set

$ 14.99
  • EASY TO USE- Measure tea, add to infuser, cover and insert into hot water. EASY TO CLEAN- Place your dripping silicone infuser into the ceramic flower pot for holding. All parts in your set are dishwasher safe.
  • Watch your hot water slowly bloom with color as your flower shaped infuser rests in steeping tea. Brew aromatic, full flavored, whole leaf tea and ditch the tasteless teabags full of dust and leftover low grade bits from broken tea leaves.
  • Add color to your tea drinking experience with your green tea infuser. In color therapy green relates to the heart chakra, self-love, and balance.
  • Warm your hands on freshly brewed tea made in your own white ceramic cup. White represents strengthening, purifying and cleansing. It can awaken greater creativity.
  • Order now and receive this full infuser set for a complete tea experience. Includes a beautifully designed box. Perfect for gift giving. We offer full product assurance. 


We designed this tea infuser for the tea lover who makes it a habit to drink tea every day!

You see, there are a lot of problems with other infusers out there that prevent tea drinkers from fully experiencing that soothing taste of tea.

Struggling with those tea ball chains falling into your mug?

Or those tea basket lids constantly falling off and spilling your tea leaves everywhere?

Tea is meant to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, not a painful and upsetting one. That is why we developed this infuser to make tea drinking effortless so you can finally experience that soothing taste of your favorite loose tea.

  • Super Easy Clean-up- the flower pot acts as a coaster so you do not make a mess after you are done steeping. This set is dishwasher safe and can be hand-washed in less than 30 seconds so you can get on with your day without dreading the cleanup.
  • Durable and Long Lasting- made from food grade ceramic and silicone so you do not have to worry about being exposed to harmful elements. If you run into any issues whatsoever we will replace your infuser with no questions asked!
  • Excellent Gift Idea- this infuser makes an excellent gift for any tea drinker or loved one


  • Flower shaped silicone tea infuser
  • Ceramic flower pot to catch spills
  • Ceramic tea mug with built-in removable silicone coaster

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